It’s that time of year, full of good old-fashioned cheer and pressure to get the right gifts for your friends and family. A proposition that might be especially difficult for expecting mothers. The wide range of available gifts that can benefit mothers-to-be will prove daunting to choose from and getting it wrong is not an option.

Thankfully, Baby Bound Ultrasound provides a host of services that will please and relieve expecting mothers as they anticipate the birth of their children. We also have gift cards for our services that you can present to any expectant mother you know. Here are a few reasons why our gift cards are perfect for this time of the year.

Improved Mental Healthbaby ultrasound picture

During the pregnancy period, expecting mothers are under a lot of mental stress. Many worries about the baby’s health and their ability to raise it will start to crowd their minds. Also, their ability to take their minds off those worries will be limited. Hence, a gift card to our services will provide pregnant mothers with tools to help reduce their mental stress. With our massages, ultrasounds, and chiropractic care, expecting mothers can relieve their stresses and be in better shape for their future children.

Freedom To Use

Unlike a weekend getaway or a spa reservation, a gift card allows expecting mothers to pick and choose a time of their choosing. With a gift card to our services, the mother-to-be is free to use the gift card whenever she chooses to. Giving her the ability to fit an ultrasound or a relaxing treatment into her schedule for the holidays is priceless.

Affordable Service

When preparing to have a child, expecting mothers are also under financial strain. The preparations to take care of a baby come with considerable expenses. That prevents a good number of pregnant women from taking some needed rest and relaxation at the time they need it most. With a gift card to our services, expecting mothers can afford services like our pre-natal massages and Relaxation Floatation Care.

woman places picture of ultrasound to her belly

 The mothers-to-be can enjoy some needed rest and relaxation without breaking the bank. Making a holiday gift would be especially wonderful.

A Unique and Personal Bonding Experience

A good number of expecting mothers always worry about connecting with their children when they are born. Providing them with a gift card for a 4D ultrasound allows the parents to start forming a bond with their babies before they are born. Our ultrasound images are provided by cutting-edge technology and sonographers with qualifications and experience. This personal and unique experience cannot be provided anywhere else.

Baby Bound Ultrasound – Making Memories To Last A Lifetime

Free yourself from the pressure of choosing a specific gift and purchase one of our gift cards for the expecting mothers in your life. Our services are tailored to make this time in their lives as comfortable and relaxing as possible.

Please contact us for more information on our services and gift cards. Our gift cards are available in a large range of designs and come with flexible pricing that allows you to give as much as you want to the mother-to-be. If you’re looking to help the mother bond with her child, purchase a Bond Package that ranges from $49 (for the Early Bond) to $329 (for the Bound for a Third Round).

Our partnership with SneakPeek allows us to offer DNA Gender Tests that range from $129 to $189.  Choose our services to help the expecting mothers in your life get through this time in their lives as prepared and relaxed as possible.

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