During pregnancy, you will need a medical ultrasound to diagnose any possible risks to the baby. Hence, that makes an elective ultrasound seem like a frivolous and needless expense. However, there are some significant benefits that an elective ultrasound can provide.

So, the team at Baby Bound Ultrasound would like you to know three reasons you should consider getting an elective ultrasound.

Bond Even More With The Baby

Ultrasound baby bond

Elective ultrasounds allow parents to bond with their unborn child even more. By allowing parents to have a unique, close-up, and intimate vision of their baby, the parents can feel what it would be like to hold and look at their child.

This is especially effective with 3D and 4D ultrasounds. This gives parents a better view of what their baby will look like when born. Combined with an accessory like a heartbeat animal, that records and saves the baby’s heartbeat, the bond grows even stronger.

The bonding experience is not limited to parents only. Siblings, extended family members, and friends can also bond with the baby with the help of elective imaging.

Increase The Mother’s Confidence

Allowing a mother to see how healthy her baby in the womb looks can help her relieve any stress she has leading up to the delivery.

Elective ultrasounds have been shown to boost the confidence of pregnant women. It gives them a chance to prepare mentally for the birth by giving them something to look forward to. When you know that you’ll be seeing your baby in a few weeks, it increases the hope and joy you feel and reduces any stress you might be feeling.

Create and Save Strong Memories of Your Pregnancy

Ultrasound process

Pregnancy is an experience that you might want to remember years after you have had your baby. An elective ultrasound is a great way to capture and preserve those precious memories.

The pictures the ultrasound provides can be framed or put into an album for keeping. Videos can be saved on any number of storage media and retrieved whenever you want to look at them again. A heartbeat animal can take audio recordings of your baby’s beating heart and play them for you whenever you want.

With an elective ultrasound, you can save all these precious moments for as long as you want them.


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Getting an elective ultrasound during your pregnancy can provide you with many benefits that will make your pregnancy an experience you look back on fondly. Expecting mothers should get an elective ultrasound to enhance their pregnancy.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about elective ultrasounds. Baby Bound 3D Ultrasound in Downers Grove is a family-owned and operated facility designed to create a private and relaxing ambiance for our clients. Our cutting-edge ultrasound imaging equipment is combined with our stellar customer service to ensure your ultrasound imaging session is smooth and unforgettable. Choose us to make your experience the best it can be.

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