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Yes. We are an appointment-only facility. We pride ourselves on the time we dedicate to each expecting mother and their family. So we would like to ensure that our full attention is given during your ultrasound appointment. You can call, text, or email for a quick response. Please note that we do not have a receptionist, so please be sure to leave a message!


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No. Elective ultrasounds are non-diagnostic scans that are meant to be done as a fun and relaxing experience. They are your choice and not ordered by a physician, therefore insurance plans do not cover the costs.


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Yes. An ultrasound done by a licensed, registered, experienced sonographer has not shown any harm to mother or baby. It uses the same sound waves as a regular 2D ultrasound. Our ultrasound unit is FDA approved and does not use radiation.


Cindy is also a former healthcare provider and ultrasound professional with over 20 years of experience. At Baby Bound Ultrasound you can enjoy a spa-like, cozy atmosphere and have a safe ultrasound experience.


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Of course! We understand this is a very special time for you and those close to you. Each ultrasound session offers a very peaceful and private experience. We want you to feel at home, so please bring your family or close friends. Kids and babies are welcomed too.


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No. This is an elective, non-diagnostic ultrasound. The 3D or 4D ultrasounds we offer are just for entertainment. This is just a fun and special bonding experience with your baby. It is very important that you still get your prenatal care from your OB/GYNE.


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We start looking for gender at 15 weeks. As skilled and experienced OB sonographers we will do our best to determine your baby’s gender. We know that finding out the sex of your baby is very important so if we can’t see it for any reason, you may return again at no additional cost. There are some factors that can affect visualizing gender, including baby’s development, mother’s body size, baby’s position and mother’s water intake.


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YES! Yes! Yes! You need to drink plenty of water 4-5 days leading up to your appointment (unless you’re on a fluid restriction). About 64 oz. of water a day. This will help get clearer images since hydration help ensure your amniotic fluid levels are optimal for the best scan results. Drinking water the morning of your ultrasound will not help at all. Please drink the water as instructed for the best 3D/4D pictures.


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If we can’t see your baby’s face you will be able to come back for a re-scan, free of charge. Not seeing your baby’s face can be due to position or lack of fluids. We can not stress enough the importance of a well-hydrated belly.


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A full bladder is needed for gender reveal only. It’s best to have a full bladder up to 20 weeks pregnant. Drink 16 oz. of water 45 min. prior to appointment and DO NOT use the restroom until you have asked the sonographer.


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3D and 4D ultrasounds both use technology to create sound waves to create an image. 3D ultrasounds create a three-dimensional image of your baby. 4D ultrasounds piece together multiple 3D images to create a movie effect.


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For the best results, book your 3D or 4D ultrasound appointment around 25 to 28 weeks. If you wait past 30 weeks, the clarity of the images or video may be reduced since your baby tends to cover more as they grow bigger.


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Since 3D and 4D ultrasounds are a visual experience, it is best to make sure your baby is active during the appointment. There are a few things you can do or eat to increase the chance of movement during the ultrasound:


  • Walk around for 10 minutes before the appointment
  • Eat a sweet treat like chocolate or ice cream
  • Drink orange juice or something fizzy
  • Gently stroke your belly to get a response from your baby


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An elective ultrasound is a non-diagnostic scan that provides a more detailed image and meaningful bonding experience for the expecting parents. A 3D and 4D ultrasound gives you a more realistic image of your baby’s movements. They are only for entertainment purposes and should not be a replacement for your diagnostic ultrasound.


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Yes, we do! Cindy is a ARDMS-certified sonographer with over 20 years of experience as a healthcare provider. This way, you can rest assured that our ultrasound experiences are safe for you and your baby.


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Whether you have a 2D, 3D, or 4D ultrasound, you can eat normally before your baby’s ultrasound. You do not need to fast for these types of baby ultrasound and you do not need to avoid any particular foods.


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When arriving at your 3D ultrasound, loose clothing with a separate top and bottom should be worn that will give easy access to your belly. Your shirt should be comfortable enough to lift up and your pants should be loose enough to be lowered slightly below your hips.

Ultrasounds are absolutely safe and will not harm the baby when performed by professionals like the members at Baby Bound Ultrasound

A 4D ultrasound is more of an interactive experience with your baby. A 4D ultrasound allows you to view your baby’s activities in real-time in a video-type format. These movements can include smiling or eye blinking.


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A 3D ultrasound from Baby Bound Ultrasound can range depending on the package you choose to go with. For 3D ultrasounds, the pricing can start around $69. We also offer more inclusive packages that have multiple sessions, unique experiences, and keepsakes. These can range from $120.

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