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Ultrasounds allow you to develop a closer relationship with your child. Baby Bound Ultrasound can provide you with a spectacular, life-changing experience with our cutting-edge equipment, caring staff, and 4D ultrasounds near you. Get in touch with us right away to get beautiful 4D ultrasounds of your child taken. See their first kicks, them sucking their thumb, and much more!

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What Are 4D Ultrasounds?

Prenatal imaging has been transformed by 4D ultrasounds, providing expecting parents with a more realistic and immersive glimpse of their unborn child. 4D ultrasounds add the dimension of time to typical ultrasounds’ static pictures to provide moving, three-dimensional images of your unborn child in real-time. This cutting-edge technology provides a fascinating and distinctive view into your child’s environment.

Our 4D ultrasound sessions in Chicago offer the chance to both observe the wonder of your baby’s development and to record priceless memories. Depending on your preferences and the stage of your pregnancy, there are many ideal times for a 4D ultrasound. The majority of expectant parents, however, decide to schedule their 4D ultrasound between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. The child has had enough growth during this time for crisper photos, while still having enough space for comfortable movement.

Meet Your Sonographer

Hi, I’m Cindy. As a long-time healthcare provider and ultrasound professional with vast hospital experience, I understand that standard clinics can be a little intimidating.

I would like to change that. My work is my passion, and nothing is more fulfilling than offering expecting parents a chance to witness the beauty and miracle of life that is within a mother’s womb privately and comfortably.

As a mother of 3 beautiful children, I understand that every moment is precious, including the moments when your baby is still in the womb. We all wonder what our babies are up to during this unique time of development. Thanks to today’s technology, I am able to give my clients insight into the world of their unborn baby. I am so happy to provide this service to all the parents who can’t wait to see their little one!

Our 4D Ultrasound Packages

Visit our Packages page to see all of our ultrasound packages, costs, add-ons, heartbeat animals, and other information.

Mini Bound

$ 125 15–25 weeks
  • 15 min. 2D/3D/4D session
  • 4 blk/wht prints
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Gender reveal
  • Digital transfer of images

Beautiful Bound

$ 155 25–32 weeks
  • 25 min. 2D/3D/4D/HD live session
  • 6 blk/wht prints and 2 colour
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Gender check upon request
  • Digital transfer of all images

Ultimate Bound

$ 205 25+ weeks
  • 30 min. 2D/3D/4D/HD live session
  • 8 blk/wht prints
  • 4 color prints
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Gender check upon request
  • Digital transfer of all images
  • Free heartbeat animal

Bound for a
2nd Round

$ 285 First Session: 18–24 weeks
Second Session: 27–33 weeks
  • 25-30 min. 2D/3D/4D/HD live session
  • 1st Visit - 8 blk/wht prints, 2 color prints
  • 2nd Visit - 8 blk/wht prints, 2 color prints
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Gender check upon request
  • Digital transfer of all images
  • Free heartbeat animal

Bound for a
3rd Round

$ 335 First Session: 8–14 weeks
Second Session: 18–24 weeks
Third Session: 27–33 weeks
  • 10-30 min. 2D/3D/4D/HD live session
  • 1st Visit - 3 blk/wht prints
  • 2nd Visit - 8 blk/wht prints, 2 color prints
  • 3rd Visit - 8 blk/wht prints, 2 color prints
  • Listen to baby’s heartbeat
  • Gender check upon request
  • Digital transfer of all images
  • Free heartbeat animal

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Planning Your Visit

General Information

You can book your 3D ultrasound as early as 8 weeks. Each trimester will allow for completely different 3D/4D views. Earlier in your pregnancy, you may be able to see the baby’s entire body and all the movements in one frame. However, before 20 weeks the facial features aren’t yet well developed.

To see the face better, it’s best to schedule your 4D ultrasound around 25-28 weeks. Keep in mind that waiting past 30 weeks might reduce the clarity of the pictures because babies tend to cover more as they grow bigger.

What To Expect
At Your 4D Ultrasound

You can expect a similar procedure to any other ultrasound when you schedule a 4D ultrasound in Chicago at Baby Bound Ultrasound. Wearing loose clothing will allow the gel to be applied to your tummy easily. The technician will slide a transducer over the region after applying the gel. Your baby appears as a detailed picture with highlighted facial features and golden and orange hues as sound waves reflect off organs and tissue.

After the 4D ultrasound session is over, you’ll have some time to change and talk with the sonographer about your pictures and films. They will assist you in choosing your favorite photographs and address any other inquiries you may have. Our intention is for you to leave Baby Bound Ultrasound with a grin on your face and lifelong memories. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to contact our team or explore our FAQ page for more information. 

Water, Water, and More Water

Please remember to drink your water everyday.

Drink plenty of water 4-5 days leading up to your appointment date (as long as you are not on a fluid restriction). Drink about 64 ounces of water a day.

Doing so helps amniotic fluid levels be optimal for better
2D/3D and HD ultrasound pictures. Please drink your water everyday before your appointment, not just the day of.


Baby Bound Ultrasound is a family-run 4D ultrasound facility. Not sure if 4D ultrasounds are a right fit for you? We also offer a variety of 3D ultrasound packages as well! Our firm was founded with the goal of giving customers fond recollections of life’s most special occasions. All of our ultrasound appointments are private because we believe every expectant parent deserves our undivided attention.

We have gone to great efforts to provide our studio with the most cutting-edge 3D and 4D ultrasound equipment while maintaining a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere where you and your visitors may feel at home. Make an appointment right away and be ready to be astounded!

4D Ultrasound FAQs

Yes, 4D ultrasounds have been shown to be secure for both you and your unborn child. The same sound wave technique as conventional 2D ultrasonography is employed. Our sonographers are highly qualified experts who adhere to stringent safety regulations to assure your safety during the session.

Yes, our sonographers will make every attempt to determine the gender during the session if you are at the proper stage of pregnancy and desire to learn it. Please be aware, though, that depending on a number of variables, including the baby’s location, this might not always be achievable.

No referral from a physician is necessary for our elective 4D ultrasound services. They are elective ultrasounds you and your partner choose to undergo. Direct appointments can be made with Baby Bound Ultrasound whenever it’s most convenient for you.

It’s vital to bear in mind that 4D ultrasounds are used for bonding and memento purposes, even though our sonographers are excellent at taking high-quality pictures and movies. We advise speaking with your healthcare practitioner for a diagnostic ultrasound if you have any worries about the well-being or growth of your child.

Yes, a 4D ultrasound session does not have any dietary limitations. However, since these could make you uncomfortable during the session, we advise against eating large meals. Feel free to hydrate yourself by drinking water before your visit.

Gender Reveal

The external genitalia of your baby starts at around 12 weeks but for an accurate gender determination it’s recommended to wait till after the 15th week of pregnancy. We strive for customer satisfaction, so to avoid erroneous gender determination, we advise waiting until you are at least 16 weeks pregnant to come in for the gender reveal. The bigger the baby, the more accurate the determination.

Please finish drinking at least 16 ounces of water 30 minutes prior to your appointment time so your bladder will be full. Please do not use the restroom until you have asked the sonographer.


Please show up 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment
with your entire party. If you are more than 15 minutes late we may kindly ask you to reschedule.

Feel free to eat/drink something sugary (as long as you are not under any diet restrictions) to try to wake your baby up. Examples are: pieces of fruit, a granola bar with chocolate chips, orange juice, or caffeine-free pop.

We provide some drink and snack options for our guests.


Full payment is required at the time of the session.
We accept all major credit cards and cash.

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