The rise of ultrasound technology has led to the development of 3D ultrasounds and other elective scans. However, this has also created some confusion around elective ultrasounds and medical ultrasounds.

As such, the team at Baby Bound Ultra would like you to know about elective ultrasounds and medical ultrasounds.


What Are Medical/Diagnostic Ultrasounds?

Medical or diagnostic ultrasounds are medical imaging scans that create images of a body’s internal structures using high-frequency sound waves.

A transducer is placed on the skin, at the point where the examination is required and pulses the sound waves through the body. As the sound waves travel through the body, they bounce and ricochet off organs, tissues, bones and other internal body parts. These bounces create echoes that the transducer picks up. Those echoes are then translated into images of the examined area.


What Are Elective Ultrasounds?

3d ultrasound elective

Also known as non-medical or recreational ultrasounds, elective ultrasounds are ultrasounds that are not medically necessary. These are usually requested by parents who are looking to learn more about their developing baby or create mementos of the pregnancy period.

These scans are usually performed by private companies and are usually performed with 2D, 3D, or 4D ultrasound technology. This creates images of the fetus that the parents can keep. Given that these are elective procedures, medical insurance usually doesn’t cover recreational ultrasounds.


What Are the Difference Between the Two?

There are several things that separate 3D ultrasounds and other elective scans from medical ultrasounds.

  1. The purpose of diagnostic ultrasounds is always medical; monitoring or diagnosing medical conditions in the uterus, monitoring the fetus’s development and guiding medical procedures. Elective ultrasounds, however, are used for personal reasons; creating a bond with the developing baby or creating mementos of this time.
  2. Medical ultrasounds require trained professionals who can abide by strict guidelines for every single scan. This minimizes any risks to mothers and babies. On the other hand, 3D ultrasounds and other elective scans do not require the same strict standards and can be performed by non-medical personnel. This could potentially increase the risk of harm or injury to a mother and her baby.
  3. Since they are medically necessary, diagnostic ultrasounds are usually covered by insurance plans for medical scans or prenatal care. However, elective ultrasounds are not medically necessary and are usually paid for out of pocket.
  4. Medical ultrasounds necessitate accuracy so they are usually performed with high-quality, medical-grade equipment. Elective scans like 3D ultrasounds might be created using average equipment which could create less detailed images.
  5. A schedule based on the pregnancy’s stage and the mother’s medical history is used to mandate how often a diagnostic ultrasound is performed. Elective ultrasounds, on the other hand, can be performed anytime during the pregnancy and could be performed more times than medical ultrasounds.


What Are the Benefits of A 3D Ultrasound and Other Elective Ultrasounds?

3d ultrasound benefitsThe benefits of performing elective ultrasounds are typically the personal and emotional variety.

  1. 3D ultrasounds and other elective scans allow expecting parents to create a bond with the baby before it is born. The scans allow parents to see the baby’s features and movements, facilitating an intimate connection between them.
  2. Elective ultrasounds also allow parents to determine the baby’s gender and make preparations for the baby’s arrival.
  3. These ultrasounds can also create keepsakes and mementos that the parents can treasure and share with others.

It should be noted that, despite their benefits, non-medical ultrasounds like 3D ultrasounds cannot replace medical ultrasounds. They cannot be relied on for diagnostic determinations or medical decisions but they can help prepare parents for their baby.


Baby Bound Ultrasound – Private 2D & 3D Ultrasound Services in Chicago

While both medical/diagnostic and elective ultrasounds use ultrasound technology to produce images of the body, their goals, safety concerns, and potential advantages and disadvantages are very different. Parents can make the best possible decisions for their baby by making educated selections regarding their prenatal care and ultrasound options by being aware of the differences between these two types of ultrasounds.

Please contact us if you are interested in an elective ultrasound. Baby Bound Ultrasound offers unique ultrasound experiences for expecting families in Downtown Downers Grove and the surrounding areas. With our help, you can make long-lasting memories and intimate connections.

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